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SMA 905 Products Index

Catalog includes:

· Compatible Devices for Non-Trimedyne Lasers with SMA Connectors
· The Resposable Omni™ Switchable Tip Models

Trimedyne Holmium Laser Devices

Here are just some of the benefits of switching to the Tapertip™ or OMNI™ Switchtip System available from Trimedyne . . .

  • The larger fiber (550 micrometer) is designed to handle higher energies more efficiently and to be more durable when encountering harder materials.
  • All 90o side firing devices feature coaxially aligned 90o Holmium and red aiming beams so that you can easily determine the direction of the laser energy.
  • Trimedyne pioneered the concept and development of the OMNITM Switchtip System. A variety of 18 switchable tip styles provide maximum flexibility while keeping costs to a minimum. After 5 years of successful cases with this unique system, Trimedyne has proven its dedication to being the leader in cost-effective laser technology.
  • Each laser fiber is shipped to you within our patented Fiber Dispensing Reel for convenient fiber control.
  • All reusable components may be autoclaved (even flashed).
  • Each device manufactured by Trimedyne has over 15 years of precision craftsmanship behind it. Each design incorporates the knowledge and innovative solutions provided by our valued customers.

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